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Designer & Brand strategist.

Design is a solution to a problem.
To design is to create. When determining the dimensions along which to measure creativity, some psychologists define it as divergent thinking - the ability to find unusual and nonobvious solutions to a problem. I built a successful brand, and it all started with a logo! By combining the speed of social media with design targeting the audience I knew all too well - millennials of North Brooklyn.
Today, Cheeseboat has achieved remarkable success and was featured in The New Yorker. Globally, Cheeseboat has become synonymous with the traditional Georgian dish, Khachapuri. So I trademarked it.

Nifty illustrator.
I create logos, posters & banners.

I successfully crafted the brand image of The Stone Age, New York's only immersive exhibit about cannabis while working as a freelance Creative Director. The project involved developing the brand's color story, as well as creating print, promotional, and marketing materials. Joining the team at the pre-seed funding stage, the challenge was to create a visual storyline that represented the brand's immersive and educational vibe and captured the attention of potential investor.
The Stone Age ultimately secured full funding.

Let's make some magic happen and show the world what your brand is all about!